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What Men Need When They Decide to Get a Divorce

What Men Need

What Men Need | The Micklin Law Group, LLCStatistics show that about 69% of divorce cases are initiated by women. Only 31% of the time, men take the first step of for filing a divorce. Divorces are difficult for everyone involved, but they can be especially exhausting for men who don’t vent their emotions. What men need isn’t always talked about. When it comes to open and honest talk about their split, men seem to bottle up their feelings.

What Men Need

When you have decided to file for a divorce, you can take certain steps to ease the process a bit. Here are some of the things men need (even when they won’t admit) while going through a divorce-

  • Seek assistance from a divorce attorney Divorce attorneys for men handle family law cases from men’s perspective. Seek help from a professional and experienced family law attorney for men. Men often try to withstand hard times on their own, but, in the case of a divorce, that can be a huge mistake. Going through a divorce without an attorney would only make an already stressful experience more stressful. Where complex property settlements are concerned, a divorce attorney can work vigorously on your behalf to bring the best outcome. A divorce attorney for men can build a strong case for you and bring positive outcomes in crucial areas such as child support, custody, and spousal support.
  • Learn to handle emotional roller-coasters Divorces are extremely hard. After the papers have been filed for a divorce, it can get even more difficult to manage emotional ups and downs. Make sure you stay grounded and learn how to maintain an emotional balance. In the heat of the moment, a lot can be lost, especially when going through a divorce. Your partner can use your anger against you to win custody of your children, for example. Learning to stay calm in these trying times is a skill that can help you through the divorce as well as long term in other areas of your life as well.
  • Get involved in your children’s lives If you’ve not been active in your children’s lives, now is the time to change that. If you want to stay an integral part of their lives, you need to make an effort to spend quality time with your children. Talk to them while you still have the time and gain their trust and respect. Make them a priority – your involvement in their life determines custody decisions and the parenting plan, too.
  • Maintain the emotional decorum It helps no one to badmouth one’s ex in front of anyone who will listen, especially in front of your children, who will be hurt when you talk badly to/about their mother. Consider their feelings and maintain respect in front of them. You need to become your children’s source of strength and lead by example. Show them you care about them and the people they care about. By doing so, this may lead to strengthened bonds and fewer troubles!

The most significant bit remains to get in touch with a divorce attorney for men. If you reside in New Jersey, contact Brad M. Micklin at The Micklin Law Group, LLC. With over two decades of experience, the attorneys at The Micklin Law Group, LLC, located in Nutley and Montclair, handle complex divorce cases for men. The experienced divorce attorneys offer consultations to build a strategy to follow throughout your divorce process. Their attentive, professional, and prompt legal services will help you overcome any hurdles that you may encounter during your divorce process.

Learn more about their services. Call The Micklin Law Group, LLC at 973-562-0100 to schedule a consultation.

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