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When “I Do” Turns Into “I Don’t”

If You Love Me, Why Ask Me to Sign a Prenup?

No one goes into a marriage thinking that it’s going to fail. A bride and groom truly believe that when they say “I Do,” they mean forever. Unfortunately, many of these couples will end up signing divorce papers and living separate lives.

When “I Do” turns into “I Don’t,” there are a lot of steps that you’ll want to take to protect your assets and your best interests as well as common errors to avoid.

Do Take the Right Steps

Divorce is messy, and an attorney will help you sort through the chaos. That being said, there is a lot you can do right now to make the process easier.

  •          Keep Records: All records of bills, income and anything financial-related should be copied and kept for your own record. You’ll also want to make a copy of all these documents for your attorney.
  •          Know Your Goals: What is the goal of your divorce? You’ll need to know what life will be like once the divorce is complete. Will you live in the same home, or will the division of assets allot you enough money to move into a new residence? Knowing your goals is essential.
  •          Gather Evidence: Copying all of your financial records is a part of the gathering evidence portion of divorce. You’ll need to gather evidence for assets that were gifted or inherited that should not be divided within the divorce. A family home belonging to your mother or a gift given from your wife to you will need evidence to prove that the asset is yours alone.

There is also a right time to file a complaint. Once you file a complaint, you give up certain rights to assets and debts thereafter. Discussing your rights and situation with an attorney is the logical choice to make the process move along smoothly.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Common mistakes can cost you big in a divorce. The worst mistakes to make are:

  •          Getting Your Kids Involved: Children should not be put in the middle of a divorce. Despite their age, children will be affected by a divorce.
  •          Assuming Your Spouse is Fair: When in love, you may think that your spouse is fair and just. Unfortunately, this is a big misconception that will turn ugly quickly. Divorces can cause a spouse to want more than their fair share of assets.
  •          Settling for Less: Being part of a marriage, you have rights to the assets accumulated during the course of the marriage. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
  •          Being Combative: A judge will have the ultimate say with your divorce. Acting angry or combative won’t win you any extra brownie points with a judge, so stay calm during divorce proceedings.

It’s important to live your life during a divorce. See your children and keep in close contact with your attorney at this time. Divorces are very emotional and trying times in a person’s life, and you need to be prepared to fight for your best interests in the divorce.

Don’t face divorce alone. Always work with a competent divorce lawyer to help you reach a fair divorce settlement.

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