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Why You Need to Work with A Men’s Rights Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is draining for both spouses. It’s an emotional time when most men reflect on their past and grieve the future that will no longer happen. Since divorce takes such an emotional toll, it can be difficult to make sound long-term decisions not based on your current feelings. This is why anyone who is going through a divorce needs an divorce lawyer by their side to secure their financial future. 

Men in particular face an uphill battle during their divorce when it comes to issues like spousal support and child custody. A men’s rights divorce lawyer understands these challenges. He is equipped with years of experience working on and resolving challenging cases just like yours. 

Pursuing A Fair Custody Order

Once they decide to get divorced, many fathers assume their wife will have primary custody of the kids. This is how things have generally worked in the past. Judges believed children needed to be with their mothers and would often grant fathers “weekends only” custody or even less frequent visits. These days we know it simply isn’t true that a child’s relationship with his mother should be prioritized over time with his father. Both parents play an important role in their child’s life, so maintaining a positive relationship with their father is in most kids’ best interests. 

In spite of research showing the importance of an involved father, many judges still pay little attention to a dad’s needs, desires, and goals regardless of why the spouses were divorcing. This is where your divorce lawyer for men comes in. Your lawyer will help you determine whether you have a shot at reaching a fair custody arrangement with your ex during arbitration. If you must leave the custody decisions up to a judge, your attorney for men and fathers will request that the judge consider your important relationship with your child instead of creating a cookie-cutter custody order that favors your wife.

NJ Spousal Maintenance for Men

You have rights during a divorce despite what your ex may say to you or her attorney might argue. A man’s financial needs should be considered equal to his wife’s instead of assuming he has a financial advantage due to his gender. Some judges are still stuck in the past, when men were the only breadwinners and their wives would end up destitute after a divorce without financial support. This financial scenario still exists, but it is now one of many possibilities for a couple. Some dads give up their careers to stay home with their kids – they have very little to no income and will need time after the divorce to get back into the workforce. Other couples both work, but the wife has a substantially higher salary. 

When considering spousal support payments, a judge should disregard gender and focus on careers and income. If either spouse has left the workforce, they may need temporary spousal support to obtain a new education or get back into their previous career field. A judge should never order spousal support payments from a man to his ex-wife “just because” if both spouses receive a substantial salary. The judge should also be open to a man receiving spousal support payments if it is fair, but we often see resistance to this idea. A men’s rights divorce attorney can help you navigate spousal support, whether you are concerned about being forced to pay your ex-wife or want to request spousal support for yourself.


Choose a NJ Divorce Lawyer for Men

As family court judges’ opinions about custody matters and equitable financial arrangements continue to shift, it is vitally important for men to use a family law attorney who is closely tracking the developments and knows how to make a successful case.


For years, our divorce and family law lawyers have focused on being strong advocates for men and dads going through a divorce or custody case. Our divorce lawyers for men and fathers understand the challenges you’re up against. If you are considering or facing a divorce, call our Nutley office at (973)562-0100.

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