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Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

The Micklin Law Group- Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

Let’s face it – divorces are stressful and financially unsettling. Many men in New Jersey who go to court to settle their divorce end up unhappy with the division of their property, as well as the alimony and child support the judge orders. You may feel that you don’t have any other option when it comes to determining how to settle things between you and your current spouse. 

Luckily, if you do have a decent relationship with your spouse, or if you’re both willing to put aside your differences to try to save money and time, you may like to utilize divorce mediation to reach an agreement on things like how to divide your property, a child custody schedule, and whether you will request or pay any spousal support

Who Benefits From Mediation?

Mediation is a great option for cooperative couples who are willing to compromise because they know they will ultimately end up with more of what they want. Couples with moderate income and assets who do not have children may benefit from mediation, where they can negotiate simple matters such as what they will do with their home after the divorce. Mediation is also great for higher income couples who have more assets and do not want to leave it up to the court to decide who gets what. 

Mediation can also be helpful for couples who have a large income discrepancy. The higher earner may not want to pay regular spousal support to their ex, whereas the lower income partner may need money to sustain them while they get back into a career or find a better-paying job opportunity. There are actually several options for spouses who would like to avoid long-term spousal support payments, and many of them will keep their ex happy. In mediation, you can discuss the different options that may decrease or eliminate the need for spousal maintenance payments. 

Parents may benefit from mediation if they want to cooperate to find a fair custody arrangement that works for everyone. Child custody does not need to be determined by the courts. In fact, you are not required to have an official custody order if both parents are fine with the schedule they have created. In mediation, you can create a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses how you will handle nearly any situation: who will be active in the child’s extracurriculars, how the child will spend their holidays, and even how to handle things like sleepovers and summer camp. (Citygoldmedia) Cooperation goes a long way, especially if you will be coparenting with your spouse for years to come. 

Who Shouldn’t Consider Mediation

Mediation doesn’t work for everyone. I would caution any man in New Jersey who is anticipating a high-conflict divorce against attempting mediation. It will likely be a waste of time and money, especially if your spouse is unwilling to compromise and wants to get divorced on her terms. Men and fathers who are divorcing a narcissist should also anticipate issues with mediation. Their time may be better spent preparing for court.

Are you unsure of whether mediation is the best fit for your divorce? Consult one of The Micklin Law Group’s experienced divorce attorneys for men in New Jersey to discuss all your options. You can reach our office by contacting us today.

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