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The Worst Things You Can Do During Divorce

Brad Micklin- The Worst Things You Can Do During Divorce

Now that you’re facing a divorce, every decision you make should be carefully thought out with the assistance of a NJ family law attorney. If you’re not careful, you can jeopardize your entire case, leading to unfair divorce and child custody orders. Some of the most serious mistakes may seem obvious, but others are still commonly made by divorcing men and fathers. Review the following tips to be sure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. 

Not Being Proactive About Your Case

As soon as divorce is imminent, you should retain a divorce attorney for men in New Jersey who can help you understand the process, file the appropriate paperwork, and be present during mediation. The longer you wait, the bigger your ex’s advantage will be. Once you have retained your lawyer, remain an active participant in the process. Speak up about your needs, and make sure your attorney is aware of any non-negotiables. This will make it easier for your lawyer to identify where you can compromise in certain areas and come away with a favorable divorce agreement.

Refusing Mediation

We all know that many marriages end due to conflict between the spouses. These high-conflict divorces can be difficult to resolve if one or both parties are unwilling to cooperate. Even if you can barely stand to be in the same room as your ex, don’t turn down her offer to attend mediation. This is a less expensive alternative than leaving everything up to a judge. You also may be able to resolve your issues quickly, meaning you’ll be done having to deal with your ex even sooner. You may not be able to settle all of the issues without a judge, but resolving even just a few matters can save you money, time, and emotional stress.

Involving Your Children

Speaking ill of your ex during the divorce is never advisable, but did you know that turning the kids against her can get you into hot water with a judge? Parental alienation is a serious accusation that can affect your custody case. It can also backfire and ruin your relationship with your children. It’s natural to feel hurt and angry during a divorce, but it’s important not to involve your kids in the drama between you and your ex. Surely you want what’s best for your kids, and this means it’s in everyone’s best interests to allow the kids to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. The issues that plagued your relationship should not jeopardize your children’s relationship with your spouse.

Making Rash Decisions

Many men in New Jersey who are going through a divorce quickly learn how important it is to consider every angle. After all, your financial future is on the line. Never make a decision in a divorce without fully understanding the ramifications of that decision. Before you do anything drastic, you should talk to a divorce lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the law. In fact, even decisions that seem minor should be discussed with an attorney. Unless you’re an attorney yourself, you can’t be sure of how one small decision could change the entire course of your divorce.

Giving Up Prematurely

No one is ever happy to be in the midst of a divorce, so it can be tempting to get things over with as soon as possible. Even if you’re completely fed up with the process, you should never settle for less than you deserve or need. What may seem like a good idea in the short term can come back to bite you shortly after the divorce is finalized. Being willing to compromise is a good thing, but never throw in the towel completely.


The #1 worst thing you can do during a divorce? Not working with an experienced and skilled family law attorney for men and fathers. The Micklin Law Group’s lawyers can help you avoid this fate! Contact us to get started. 

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